Artificial Stream Q&A

A Guide To Artificial Streams

Some music services send us a report of tracks that appear to have attracted artificial streams. Often the activity stems from paid promotional activity, although there are many reasons why streams might appear to services as artificial.

Artificial activity distorts streaming revenue. Music services and Fluky Digital take this very seriously. We appreciate your help doing everything possible to make sure your music is only listened to by genuine fans.

What is artificial streaming?

Artificial streaming refers to plays, listens, or streams that are generated by means other than legitimate listening by the user. That can range from leaving an account constantly repeating a track, through to paid-for campaigns that use more advanced technical methods like bots and automated listening.

What happens if my music is included in artificial streaming reports?

If streams of your music are included in the reports we receive from a music service, we will let you know. The report will include the number of streams identified by the music service.

Those streams will be removed from royalty calculations. This may lead to a deduction by the music service from future royalties. Repeated artificial activity may result in partial or full catalog removal.

What can I do?

We suggest you familiarise yourself with the terms of service and policies of major music streaming platforms. Understand what constitutes artificial streaming and the potential consequences for artists, labels, or users involved in such activities. Spotify provides the following guide:

Spotify For Artists: Artificial Streaming Education

Please thoroughly research any potential marketing and promotion partners. Only collaborate with reliable organizations. Make sure nobody you engage with uses bots or other unethical tactics to artificially increase streams.

If the music was supplied to you by a third party, we’d recommend sharing this information with them, reviewing your relationship, and working with them to prevent a recurrence.